Welcome to Lifestyle with Laramie!

Hi Everyone!

I wanted this first entry to be a bit of an introduction! I'm Laramie, the author and founder of Lifestyle with Laramie. I'm a 24 year old creative. I'm super inspired by everything lifestyle! I love home decor, fashion, and beauty! I'm also a photographer and the owner of L Photography so you could say art is also a big part of my life! This blog is simply a place to have fun and talk about all things lifestyle! One thing that I believe makes up some of our lifestyle is our desk space. Whether it be at work or home I believe everyone has something of a desk space, where they dedicate time to something that is important to them. that being said I believe having your own unique spin on your desk is important. No one wants to sit at a space that isn't personalized to their taste, has a cute pencil cup, and photo of their significant other. That's the best part about your desk space you can accessorize it however you like and change it whenever you like! I hope you enjoy this quick look into my desk space below! You will notice I have a love for everything metallic and Rifle Paper Co, but who doesn't? Enjoy guys!