Labor Day Ready!

Summer is coming to an most places except here in the sunshine state! I'm super excited for Labor Day and everything that comes with it! I'm celebrating by going to a pool party this weekend and of course doing some shopping. This is my go to look for the pool! Living in FL these are essentials to have. Obviously a swim suit is a given, but everything is a fashion statement right? So you of course you need a cute cover up, sunnies, and flip flops to go with that bikini! This year VS announced they would no longer carry swimwear needless to say I bought more swimwear than I probably ever have in one summer, I had to stock up! The romper is VS as well, everything has been majorly discounted lately. The sandals are Sam Edelman which I got at a great discount from Nordstrom Rack > this place is heaven! Lastly the sunnies are Cole Haan from TJ Maxx, you can never go wrong with TJ Maxx! Hope you enjoy this look and have a fabulous Labor Day this weekend!