Christmas Decor: My Favorite Places & Best Deals

Happy December Everyone!

I can’t believe we are already nearing the end off 2018! It’s unreal! Anyways we are in my favorite month of the year! I absolutely love everything about the holidays! Christmas, my birthday, my mother’s birthday, our anniversary, and New Year’s all in one month, makes for a crazy but super fun month!

Probably my favorite thing about the holidays is all the holiday decor and giving people gifts, it’s the most happy cheerful time of year! This year there are tons of places to get great holiday decor and I’m sharing some of my favorites with y’all in this post and easy ways to dress up your home for the holidays!


We tend to decorate our tree with ornaments that are sentimental to us, nothing super trendy just meaningful. Well I snagged a few fun ornaments to add to the mix this year from Michael’s. Michael’s currently and for the last few weeks have had ALL Christmas decor for 50% off and they always have coupons that can be applied to your purchase. These glass ornaments came out to be about $3 a piece and they had a wide selection of super fun things for your tree!

Probably one of the decorations I love the most are holiday signs and I bought a ton this year for around the apartment. The middle sign is super sassy and is on our bar cart, totally appropriate right?! LOL. The other two signs site in our windows with a few other signs around the tree with lights. These are all from HomeGoods and Michael’s at super affordable prices from $10-$3 per sign on sale!


Another Michael’s find are these beautiful and super fun peppermint twist trees! These are made of clay they are super light weight and really pretty anywhere in your home. I added these to our bar cart for a little bit of fun! These range from $10-$4 on sale and come in three different sizes.


More super great decor from Michael’s is this great pair, this precious nutcracker and sparkle tree.  These are on my desk in my office area as my desk accessories are rose gold and metallic. They had an assortment of decorations for every style whether you want to be super colorful, traditional, or trendy there is something at Michael’s for you!

I tend to decorate all the rooms in our apartment a little differently depending on the decor and colors in the room. So our bedroom has the fun bright colored decorations, our bathroom has some neutral toned decorations and the living dining area has more tradition style.

How do you decorate your home for the holidays? I would love to know!