Fall Collab with KRZA by Krystle Dawn

If you have been with me since the beginning of my blog you have definitely seen KRZA around! I'm so excited to be collaborating with Krystle from KRZA by Krystle Dawn! She gave me one of my first brand rep opportunities and it meant the world to me when I was first starting out that someone would take me on as a brand rep! After being a brand rep for several seasons I'm so excited that we are finally collaborating on Lifestyle with Laramie! Below you will find a Q & A with Krystle on being a business owner and girl boss extraordinaire! She's such a sweet person and I hope you all love learning more about her, as well as check out some of her current pieces! Keep scrolling there might be a surprise for you towards the end!

What made you want to make headbands?

When I was in my last semester of design school I would take scraps of fabric and my instructor said I looked great in what I was creating and that I should sell headbands. I started my business about a month later and never looked back.

How do you balance your business and personal life?

I don't think I've found the answer to this question yet. I think my idea of balance wouldn't really work for anyone else. I feel the most balanced when I'm creating or at my sewing machine. So I guess my personal life is my business. Of course I love a good comedy show every now and then. And I take Sunday's off for football. That's my balance lol!

How do you go about choosing the colors and prints for your pieces?

I create about 90% of my prints. I found an artist who speaks to my brand. When I have a print idea I text her and we work on the prints until it's what I envisioned and then I have it printed for my shop. As far as colors I took color theory and textiles in college so I get to put all of that knowledge to use every season when choosing solids.

What advice would you give fellow girl bosses and creatives?

Work hard. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Always just focus on your shop and you'll come out on top. I'm not suggesting to be mean or selfish, but sometimes there's a lot of drama in the small shop community and some people can let it bring them down and nothing good can come of that.

What is your favorite style and print personally?

I wear the faux turban the most. I have a big head so it really narrows my head. My favorite print ever is my Quartz print. I'm really into crystals, the moon, and space so I went to my artist and asked if she could paint me some crystals and she did such an amazing job. I don't think I'll ever not carry the Quartz print. My logo is also a crystal which is a play on my name. So it fits my shop perfectly.

What is the most rewarding part of your business?

Meeting awesome customers. Being a small shop owner is stressful. You're usually doing everything alone. So sometimes it can feel like you're not doing enough or you are failing, but then you get a message from a customer saying your item made their day or they feel confident wearing it and it really is the best feeling in the world.

What is the meaning behind your brand name?

KRZA doesn't stand for anything. It's not an acronym. It's actually my nickname from when I was younger. I love hip hop and Wu-Tang so my cousin nick named me KRZA since there were cousins in the group named RZA and GZA. My shop name is so close to my heart and it helps me stand behind every item I create. It's a piece of me.

Below you will find some new looks from KRZA! 

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Featured below is the

"Skinny Turban" in Rising Tide & "The Halo" in Rosebud Velvet

Spring Fling with KRZA!

Spring is in full swing and I am in love with these new pieces and prints from KRZA by Krystle Dawn! I was kind of inspired by the colors and freshness of these pieces that this shoot was with more of a sense of fun especially with the Halo paired with the sunnies and hippy top! Pool season is just about here too and I could not be more excited to wear these to the beach and pool with my top knot! Hope you all love these and make sure to check out KRZA link below!

Make sure to check out her site HERE

Pictured below in order is:

"The Halo" in SeaFoam

"The Tie Side" in Coral Mudcloth

"The Faux Turban" in Mystic Eye

New Year, New KRZA

January is over already and Valentine's Day is  fast approaching! I'm featuring some new pieces from KRZA by Krystle Dawn some of which are perfection for Valentine's Day!  You will absolutely fall in love with the Candy Cacti print which is literally the perfect piece for Valentine's Day! If hearts aren't your thing the Wild Heart print is also perfect for the holiday, just with a more subtle approach. No matter what your fancy these pieces are perfect for any occasion and are super wearable! 

Make sure to check out her site HERE

Pictured below in order is:

"The Halo" in Wild Heart

"The Faux Turban" in Candy Cacti

"The Gypsy" in Wake

Holiday Inspired with KRZA by Krystle Dawn

Hope you all had a super Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Now were are on to Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday next on the to do list!  Make sure if you haven't already to check out KRZA by Krystle Dawn, her fun pieces make perfect gifts especially with the holidays coming up! This month she launched some fabulous new colors and prints along with some super cute holiday inspired pieces! Not only did I get some pieces for myself but snagged a few for gifts as well!

Make sure to check out her site HERE

Pictured below in order is:

"The Knot" in Sugar

"The Tie Side" in Candy Cane Dash

"The Knot" in Candy Stripe