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May Favorites


Happy June Everyone! How is it already the middle of the year?! Like are you kidding!? Anyway's it's time for a monthly favorites since I haven't done one in awhile. Here are some things that have been my favorites for months now and these are definitely all perfect things for summer!

To start off I have a few pieces that have been my go to's lately that you can tell from my previous posts are basically what I live in during the summer time. Especially with super high temps already in the sunshine state you can find me living in shorts, t-shirts, and rompers! My go to places to find these pieces are Old Navy and Loft my favorite places to get clothing at a steal! Everything it linked for ya'll as well so just click on the photo and it will take you to the site!

Next up are my favorite summer accessories! My favorite sandals are again from Old Navy and I have been living in these! I have them in two colors and am planning to snag a few more colors because I can't imagine life without these sandals, seriously the best! Next up this pineapple clutch is great for running around town or even a lunch date, nothing to serious just super fun and gives a little something extra to your outfit! Lastly this LC by Lauren Conrad hat is my ride or die whether the beach or the pool or lounging outside you can find me in this hat! It's the perfect floppy hat to protect you from the sun and I adore the embroidery detail on the back, a must have!

Last but not least I wanted to share a few beauty favorites that are essentials to my everyday routine, especially the primer and the spray. I'm obsessed with Pixi sprays, ALL OF THEM! They are amazing and each of them are so essential to me! The Origins primer is everything! This primer has changed my makeup forever, everything applies better and lasts longer and doesn't suffocate your pores, it's amazing! Finally this lip color from Colourpop and Kathleen Lights is super perfect for Summer and is the perfect orangy red and can be worn with everything! 

Hope you all enjoy this post and let me know what your monthly favorites were below!

Poppin' Pink

Happy February Everyone! With Valentine's Day only weeks away I'm pulling together a few Valentine's looks for y'all! What better way to be festive than with a pop of pink! This is one of my favorite looks for Valentine's Day, it's perfect for the office or date night...or both! I'm loving the classic black flare skirt with the pop of pink and black t-strap heels! It's perfect for all my girls out there that don't want to be in your face Valentine's but still festive! 

If this is still to bold for you try just incorporate some accessories that are for the holiday! Maybe a heart necklace or pink or red bag, something along those lines would be perfect with a solid black dress or jeans and a top!

What is your go to Valentine's look? Do you love the super girly look or like something less pink? Let me know below! 

Top 10 Moments of 2017

This year has been one for the books! Truely blessed for all the amazing memories made this year and can't wait for an AMAZING new year with several fun trips and things booked! For now I'm sharing my top 10 moments from 2017! Hope you all enjoy and have an amazing new year!


Started 2017 with a a few collabs with Glo Skin Beauty for both New Year's and Valentines Day! This brand is amazing and I love working with them and am obsessed with their products!

DSC_0097 - Copy.jpg


I attended Taco Talk in February and am so grateful for all the amazing bloggers/creatives I met and the relationships I have built with some of them!



I started the T-Shirt Shop Series which became one of the most popular topics on my blog! It will be making a come back in 2018 for the summer time!



We started summer with hitting St.Pete for Cinco de Mayo! Not only did the weather hold up for us but everything was amazing! 


On May 20th I got engaged to my best friend! I will be sharing our engagement story soon once we actually take enagement photos! I'm so excited and was super shocked! Love you babe!

Photo May 20, 9 21 56 PM.jpg


One of my favorite memories from 2017 was our Daytona Beach trip with Mer and Chris! This trip was the most amazing time and can't wait to make our way back there in the new year!

Katy (19 of 35).jpg

I had the honor of working with Marika Active-wear on the #MarikaCurves campaign! It was such a pleasure shooting their amazing brand and standing for such an amazing movement! 



We had a blast on our trip to Miami to see the Dodgers play and hit the beach! I can't forget the food and hope to make it back next year to visit The Museum of Ice Cream!



Went back to SRQ to write a special guest post about Sarasota and what better way to do that than to hit the beach and showcase the true beauty of my favorite city!



I finished the year by visiting family up north in the freezing cold and celebrating Christmas and my birthday! Probably some of my favorite moments, visiting family and having everyone I love together! I turned 26 and can't be more excited for this fabulous new year! And to top it off LC by Lauren Conrad posted on their social media handles about a recent look on the blog! **OMG MAJOR HEART EYES** so thankful!


I hope you all have a safe New Year's Eve and Happy New Year! I can't wait for all the fun things to come in 2018! 

Microblading Game Changer with VAMPD

So if you didn't know I fill in my brows everyday, it's a necessity! In middle school I got my hands on a pair of tweezers and needless to say my mother warned me and guess what I looked surprised for like a year with the little brows I had left. Moral of the story, mother is always right! Anyways since then I've filled them in with any and every eyebrow product! Filling your brows in is a process and part of my daily routine but it takes me a good 10 minutes to do my brows and living in Florida and especially in the summer time brows just don't stay in tact with swimming and pool days they would just wear off.

I decided to try microblading and am super happy with my choice! Yes I will probably still use my brow products because it's a habit and I like to be extra but it's nice to know I don't have to! The process takes about an hour and a half give or take and will last you a year to 18 months. Yes it's an investment but super worth it! 

The process entails measurements and creating an outline of the desired shape of your brows, then numbing your brows before starting the microblading process.  It's not super painful either and if you're like me and can't handle a ton of pain don't worry, if I can do it so can you!

Interested in learning about the process or interested in getting your brows done? 

Check out VAMPD: Here

Some of the process as well as the before and after is below:

Mary Kay Skincare Review and Q&A

I've been testing out the Mary Kay Timewise skin care routine for about the last month and am really loving the results. Below I'll talk about the routine as well as do a Q&A with Julie, a Mary Kay consultant about working with the company and what she loves about it! Keep reading!


I've been using this skin care routine for about a month and am easing my way into it as my skin is super sensitive and freaks out at any change in product especially when changing a whole routine. I started by just using the routine at night and am just starting to incorporate it in the morning. If you drastically change your skin care routine your skin will more than likely go through a phase of purging. The first week or two I did go through a little bit of purging, a few breakouts but nothing major and they wouldn't last long as the products are improving my skin. Just be aware when using new products how your skin reacts, if your face drastically breaks out or gets a rash maybe that product isn't for you, it happens! 

I was so surprised with the difference in my skin just by using the routine at night that I'm excited to see how my skin will improve using it both day and night! 

I will be doing check ins over the next few months with these products and keep you all posted as to what I think!

Below you can find my Q & A with Julie about her Mary Kay Journey and if you want to chat with her about products here is her IG: @julievanderwerf

1. What made you get involved with Mary Kay and become a consultant?

 I was at my first facial with my beautiful sister and at the time I really struggled with acne, so the Clearproof products by Mary Kay that felt so amazing on my skin and I noticed a difference after just one use. The consultant who gave us facials was so friendly and down-to-earth, she shared her vision and goals of building her team and earning her first free car. I never in a million years thought I would make a great consultant but after a my sister told me I would be great I decided, why not?! I knew I could work the business around my school schedule and my other job and was so impressed by the company's values of Faith first, family second, career third and living life by the Golden Rule I knew it was the perfect fit. So the very same day I started my Mary Kay journey. 

2. What is your favorite part about the company and being a part of it?

 My favorite thing about this company is the people and our founder Mary Kay Ash. I read her story after starting my business and was so impressed by her grit and her love for women. She truly went out on a limb to start the company less than one month after loosing the love of her life, Mel Ash to a fatal heart attack. She knew women needed an opportunity for financial independence, so she kept going and started this beautiful company. I love that the leaders of our company do everything within their power to keep the legacy of giving going so we can enrich more lives. 

3. What is your favorite product, if you could only pick one?

This is such a tough question, if I only had to pick one- I couldn't live without my moisturizer. I use the TimeWise combination/oily and I couldn't live without hydration. 

4. What advise do you have for other girl bosses out there?

Best tip ever, forget P&L as far as profit and loss. Switch to People and Love- Yes we are in business and need to provide for ourselves and our families but when you focus on others and filling their needs, or simply making them feel special- you will always be successful. Get the dollar signs out of your eyes and focus on building relationships. (I got that one from Mary Kay but it has become my motto) 

Styling your KRZA headband

Happy November Everyone! I have teamed up with KRZA by Krystle Dawn to show you all how I like to style the faux turban and the tie side headband styles! First off I'm a lover of these headbands as you all know but I especially love to break them out for the fall and winter months. The weather has been perfection in Florida for the last week and this Starlight print is a great one for the season! I'll be sharing with you all two different looks and how I like to style my headbands for more dressy and more casual occasions. Keep reading for details on a giveaway!

Below you will find some new looks from KRZA! 

Want to shop KRZA by Krystle Dawn? Click HERE 



**2 Winners will be chosen**

You will need to do the following to enter:

1. Follow @kkrzaa on Instagram

2. Like the photo of me that is posted 

3. Comment with your favorite headband (either the the tie-side or the faux turban)

**Giveaway will close Friday 11/3 @ 5pm, Winners will be announced

Monday 11/6**


Featured below is the

"The Faux Turban" in Starlight & "The Tie Side" in Starlight


I loved styling the faux turban with a slightly dressier outfit as this is a great headband for a date night or dinner out! I paired the headband with a simple shift dress and long cardigan and booties, perfect for fall and super easy yet still put together.

My favorite way to style the tie-side headband is to keep the outfit pretty casual and let the headband add a bit of fun to the look! I usually always wear my tie-side as you see below with with a sweater, jeans and flats or a t-shirt and denim shorts. The tie-side is perfect if you don't want to really do anything with your hair that day you can throw it up in a top knot or a ponytail and still look cute! 

September Favorites

I can't believe September is already over and we are heading into October and then we'll blink and it will be the holidays! This part of the year seems to fly by always. September has been a busy month, full of apartment hunting, collaborations, and brunches! We finally found an apartment and we couldn't be more excited to move! I'll keep you all posted with all that fun on my IG stories :) I'm so excited for all the fun things October holds and I'll be sharing all the event on my blog and IG! For now here are all the things I've been loving in the month of September!

Beauty Products:

In September I've been playing with all kinds of fall colors and pulling out my richer tones. I've been living for the L'oreal Infalliable Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick, this is probably one of the most comfortable liquid lip I've ever tried! The product lasts all day through eating and drinking without ever re-applying! There's a great range of colors and they are perfect for this season! Another beauty favorite as always is colourpop, I've been obsessed with the "I Think I Love You" palette as well as the "Yes, Please!" palette both are great for everyday and can create tons of looks! One more essential that has been my go to this month is the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation! I love how it looks on my skin and doesn't feel like I'm wearing anything and they have tons of shades!

Skin Care Products:

Along with my products from last month these are some of my must have skin care products for this month. Formula 10.0.6 is one of my go to's for masks especially and I love the "Get your Glow On" peel off mask! Next up my favorite cream cleanser ever is from Aveeno, this one is my ride or die I use it every night before I got to bed to help keep my complexion blemish free and skin feeling clean! Finally for skin care I love the Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic To Go Pads these are great for everyday and especially great for travel! 

Fashion & Accessories:

I love rich tones for fall, plum, mustard, forest green, they just really scream fall! Old Navy as always is my go to they have tons of great fall looks right now with a variety of beautiful colors and pieces to choose from! Also my favorite earrings all month have been these simply gold oval hoops. I love gold for fall to go with all the warm tones so these are my favorite touch to any fall look! Next up is this stunning LC by Lauren Conrad bag from Kohl's. I again love the mustard color which is still a neutral for fall and the detail on the bag is perfection! Lastly, booties are a given for the fall season and Sonoma at Kohls always has the best ankle boots at killer prices! They go great with every look and are so easy to wear especially here in FL! 

Those are my September favorites! I hope you enjoyed and please let me know your favorite below! Anything I need to test out let me know!

Fall Collab with KRZA by Krystle Dawn

If you have been with me since the beginning of my blog you have definitely seen KRZA around! I'm so excited to be collaborating with Krystle from KRZA by Krystle Dawn! She gave me one of my first brand rep opportunities and it meant the world to me when I was first starting out that someone would take me on as a brand rep! After being a brand rep for several seasons I'm so excited that we are finally collaborating on Lifestyle with Laramie! Below you will find a Q & A with Krystle on being a business owner and girl boss extraordinaire! She's such a sweet person and I hope you all love learning more about her, as well as check out some of her current pieces! Keep scrolling there might be a surprise for you towards the end!

What made you want to make headbands?

When I was in my last semester of design school I would take scraps of fabric and my instructor said I looked great in what I was creating and that I should sell headbands. I started my business about a month later and never looked back.

How do you balance your business and personal life?

I don't think I've found the answer to this question yet. I think my idea of balance wouldn't really work for anyone else. I feel the most balanced when I'm creating or at my sewing machine. So I guess my personal life is my business. Of course I love a good comedy show every now and then. And I take Sunday's off for football. That's my balance lol!

How do you go about choosing the colors and prints for your pieces?

I create about 90% of my prints. I found an artist who speaks to my brand. When I have a print idea I text her and we work on the prints until it's what I envisioned and then I have it printed for my shop. As far as colors I took color theory and textiles in college so I get to put all of that knowledge to use every season when choosing solids.

What advice would you give fellow girl bosses and creatives?

Work hard. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Always just focus on your shop and you'll come out on top. I'm not suggesting to be mean or selfish, but sometimes there's a lot of drama in the small shop community and some people can let it bring them down and nothing good can come of that.

What is your favorite style and print personally?

I wear the faux turban the most. I have a big head so it really narrows my head. My favorite print ever is my Quartz print. I'm really into crystals, the moon, and space so I went to my artist and asked if she could paint me some crystals and she did such an amazing job. I don't think I'll ever not carry the Quartz print. My logo is also a crystal which is a play on my name. So it fits my shop perfectly.

What is the most rewarding part of your business?

Meeting awesome customers. Being a small shop owner is stressful. You're usually doing everything alone. So sometimes it can feel like you're not doing enough or you are failing, but then you get a message from a customer saying your item made their day or they feel confident wearing it and it really is the best feeling in the world.

What is the meaning behind your brand name?

KRZA doesn't stand for anything. It's not an acronym. It's actually my nickname from when I was younger. I love hip hop and Wu-Tang so my cousin nick named me KRZA since there were cousins in the group named RZA and GZA. My shop name is so close to my heart and it helps me stand behind every item I create. It's a piece of me.

Below you will find some new looks from KRZA! 

Want to shop KRZA by Krystle Dawn? Click HERE 

10/2 until 10/5 use code LWL20 to get 20% off your purchase!

Featured below is the

"Skinny Turban" in Rising Tide & "The Halo" in Rosebud Velvet

Loving my Lash Extensions from Vampd

This past weekend I took a chance and tried out lash extensions! I love my natural lashes but love how they look even more when I wear falsies. Lash extensions are the perfect solution! If you want to look a little extra but still natural definitely look into lash extensions! They look way more natural than false lashes as well as they are totally safe for your natural lashes. 

I went to the girls at VAMPD to get my lash extensions and let me tell you the process is so worth it! The process takes about 2 hours as you are getting individual lashes placed along your natural lashes so that they look natural and blend in! These lash extensions last about 6-8 weeks and it's recommended to get weekly or bi weekly fills if you want to keep them up. 

I would highly suggest lash extensions if you are looking to make your lashes longer and thicker while still keeping them natural and beautiful looking. Also this is a great thing to do for special occasions as well. I'm recently engaged and already know I want these on my wedding day because they read stunning in photos. It's the best that you also don't need mascara or eye makeup they make you look so put together without trying, what more can you ask for?!

Check out VAMPD: Here


Before lash extensions


During the process

Final Product

August Favorites!

Happy Labor Day Everyone! Hope you all are having a wonderful day whatever you are doing! I got together my favorite beauty products for the month of August to share with you all! These are products that I have used all month long and have become part of my basic routine. I'm including hair, skin care and makeup in this month's favorite for you but let me know if you would like to see all my favorites for everything in makeup. Also most of these products are super affordable and I will link everything for you! 


For hair care this month, I've been loving this shampoo and conditioner combo from Garnier! My hair has never felt so healthy and smooth. The scent is amazing and the products leave your hair so shiny and smelling like coconut, not to mention these are affordable and can be found at Target and several other retailers. Shop these below!


For skin care these have been my go to products lately! My skin is super sensitive so all these products are super gentle on the skin and constantly in reach. I use the cleanser, micellar water, and mosturizer everyday and change up the other products depending what my skin needs. Again super affordable products that are easy to find and are linking below for you!


Next these two have been some of my favorite body products this month! I'm obsessed with the shea sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin! As well as the bath and body works ultra shea body cream in practically any scent. I have 3 of them all over the house, they are so creamy and luxurious, they are a must have!


As for some of my favorites in the makeup department these are the stand outs this month! Colourpop has been killing it launching tons of new products so they are in here with a few things this month! I've been living for their setting and priming sprays, I can not do my makeup without them! Also the highlight palette is like no other and the price is right for 6 highlights! Next up for eyes I'm obsessed with the Jaclyn Hill Palette from Morphe! Jaclyn killed it with these shadows, its the one palette you need in your collection! My favorite blush this month has been the Kylie Cosmetics blush in the shade Barely Legal, it's the perfect tone for summer and will take me into fall, I love it! Finally these mascaras have been the best and the combo is everything you want! L'oreal's Lash Paradise is perfection for everyday, it gives you the perfect lashes. For a little bit something extra I use the Lancome Definicils High Definition Mascara it gives you something more and is perfect for lengthening those lashes! 

I highly recommend checking out list of best mascaras HERE, this will help you find a mascara that is right for you!

Shop these products below:

That's it for my August favorite guys! Let me know what your current beauty favorites are so I can try them out! Also a Labor Day Haul will be coming your way next week! Have a great week!

New Beauty Products & What I Think!

I have been trying out a lot of new beauty products lately and wanted to give you all the low down on all these fun new things! I am always shopping around for new skincare, haircare, and cosmetics and love to share when I find things I really love! Here are just two of the brands I've been loving recently!  

Formula 10.0.6

Formula 10.0.6

I have to start with Formula 10.0.6. This brand has really blown me out of the water with their products. The quality is amazing and the products do exactly what they say! You can shop these products online as well as find them in local retail stores, such as Ulta and Old Navy. I also really appreciate that the brand uses fresh, natural ingredients specifically formulated to promote clear and healthy skin, isn't that what we all strive for?! Formula 10.0.6 graciously sent me these products to try and I can honestly tell you I am really impressed with this brand! The masks especially have to be my favorites! I've been using these products for about a month and love what they have done for my skin!

J'aime My...

J'aime My...

Next up is The brand J'aime My... this is a new hair line that is carried exclusively at Ulta and was created by Franck Provost, one of the top hair stylists in the world. First I die for the packaging, I love the foiled look, I also love the shape of the bottle, guaranteed you will not waste any product! I've been using these products for a few weeks and love how my hair feels and the scent is like I just left the salon! These products are great and perfect for all hair types! Thank you also to J'aime for sending me some products!

You can find the products discussed here:

Formula 10.0.6

J'aime My...

T-Shirt Shop Series: Look 4

This is the final look in my T-shirt Shop Series and we are ending it with Mascara & Coffee! This is another look that can be worn to the office then out to drinks or out shopping, it's a little more put together and still with a T-shirt! This T is from Old Navy for $11 and I love it! It's perfect since it's just black and white, it goes with everything and is fun to accessorize with pops of color! I threw on some SugarFix earrings from Target and a great turquoise bag from TJ Maxx! Again a super easy outfit and comfortable, but put together! Really what else does a girl need besides Mascara and Coffee?! Let me know what you all thought of this series and maybe if your would like to see a different series in the future and what pieces! Thanks for reading! xoxo

T-shirt: Old Navy $11
Skirt: Skirt TJ Maxx $20
Booties: Kohl's $20
Bag: TJ Maxx $25
Earrings: SugarFix $13