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Microblading Game Changer with VAMPD

So if you didn't know I fill in my brows everyday, it's a necessity! In middle school I got my hands on a pair of tweezers and needless to say my mother warned me and guess what I looked surprised for like a year with the little brows I had left. Moral of the story, mother is always right! Anyways since then I've filled them in with any and every eyebrow product! Filling your brows in is a process and part of my daily routine but it takes me a good 10 minutes to do my brows and living in Florida and especially in the summer time brows just don't stay in tact with swimming and pool days they would just wear off.

I decided to try microblading and am super happy with my choice! Yes I will probably still use my brow products because it's a habit and I like to be extra but it's nice to know I don't have to! The process takes about an hour and a half give or take and will last you a year to 18 months. Yes it's an investment but super worth it! 

The process entails measurements and creating an outline of the desired shape of your brows, then numbing your brows before starting the microblading process.  It's not super painful either and if you're like me and can't handle a ton of pain don't worry, if I can do it so can you!

Interested in learning about the process or interested in getting your brows done? 

Check out VAMPD: Here

Some of the process as well as the before and after is below:

Mary Kay Skincare Review and Q&A

I've been testing out the Mary Kay Timewise skin care routine for about the last month and am really loving the results. Below I'll talk about the routine as well as do a Q&A with Julie, a Mary Kay consultant about working with the company and what she loves about it! Keep reading!


I've been using this skin care routine for about a month and am easing my way into it as my skin is super sensitive and freaks out at any change in product especially when changing a whole routine. I started by just using the routine at night and am just starting to incorporate it in the morning. If you drastically change your skin care routine your skin will more than likely go through a phase of purging. The first week or two I did go through a little bit of purging, a few breakouts but nothing major and they wouldn't last long as the products are improving my skin. Just be aware when using new products how your skin reacts, if your face drastically breaks out or gets a rash maybe that product isn't for you, it happens! 

I was so surprised with the difference in my skin just by using the routine at night that I'm excited to see how my skin will improve using it both day and night! 

I will be doing check ins over the next few months with these products and keep you all posted as to what I think!

Below you can find my Q & A with Julie about her Mary Kay Journey and if you want to chat with her about products here is her IG: @julievanderwerf

1. What made you get involved with Mary Kay and become a consultant?

 I was at my first facial with my beautiful sister and at the time I really struggled with acne, so the Clearproof products by Mary Kay that felt so amazing on my skin and I noticed a difference after just one use. The consultant who gave us facials was so friendly and down-to-earth, she shared her vision and goals of building her team and earning her first free car. I never in a million years thought I would make a great consultant but after a my sister told me I would be great I decided, why not?! I knew I could work the business around my school schedule and my other job and was so impressed by the company's values of Faith first, family second, career third and living life by the Golden Rule I knew it was the perfect fit. So the very same day I started my Mary Kay journey. 

2. What is your favorite part about the company and being a part of it?

 My favorite thing about this company is the people and our founder Mary Kay Ash. I read her story after starting my business and was so impressed by her grit and her love for women. She truly went out on a limb to start the company less than one month after loosing the love of her life, Mel Ash to a fatal heart attack. She knew women needed an opportunity for financial independence, so she kept going and started this beautiful company. I love that the leaders of our company do everything within their power to keep the legacy of giving going so we can enrich more lives. 

3. What is your favorite product, if you could only pick one?

This is such a tough question, if I only had to pick one- I couldn't live without my moisturizer. I use the TimeWise combination/oily and I couldn't live without hydration. 

4. What advise do you have for other girl bosses out there?

Best tip ever, forget P&L as far as profit and loss. Switch to People and Love- Yes we are in business and need to provide for ourselves and our families but when you focus on others and filling their needs, or simply making them feel special- you will always be successful. Get the dollar signs out of your eyes and focus on building relationships. (I got that one from Mary Kay but it has become my motto)