Microblading Game Changer with VAMPD

So if you didn't know I fill in my brows everyday, it's a necessity! In middle school I got my hands on a pair of tweezers and needless to say my mother warned me and guess what I looked surprised for like a year with the little brows I had left. Moral of the story, mother is always right! Anyways since then I've filled them in with any and every eyebrow product! Filling your brows in is a process and part of my daily routine but it takes me a good 10 minutes to do my brows and living in Florida and especially in the summer time brows just don't stay in tact with swimming and pool days they would just wear off.

I decided to try microblading and am super happy with my choice! Yes I will probably still use my brow products because it's a habit and I like to be extra but it's nice to know I don't have to! The process takes about an hour and a half give or take and will last you a year to 18 months. Yes it's an investment but super worth it! 

The process entails measurements and creating an outline of the desired shape of your brows, then numbing your brows before starting the microblading process.  It's not super painful either and if you're like me and can't handle a ton of pain don't worry, if I can do it so can you!

Interested in learning about the process or interested in getting your brows done? 

Check out VAMPD: Here

Some of the process as well as the before and after is below: